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Elf the Musical

Jaclyn is embracing her inner elf in Sullivan, Illinois at The Little Theatre on the Square. Show runs from December 13th-22nd! 


About Me...

cosmo style.


1. Nickname? 

a.     Jacs

b.    JJ

c.     Jackson

d.     Jay Bird

e.     Jackie 



2. Where are you from?


Minnesota - OHyahhh you betcha!



3. What age did you start dancing?


3 yrs - in sequin bedazzled tap shoes.



4. Before a show  Beyonce "4" album    pumps me up!



5. Where did you get your BFA?


Minnesota State University,Mankato
 GO MAVS!!           


6. Disney Princess or  Villian?  (circle one)


Princess                 Villian



Jaclyn Juola Website
Jaclyn Juola Website
Jaclyn Juola Website
Jaclyn Juola Website
Jaclyn Juola Website

7.  Other than performing, what are other passions of yours?


Empowering children w/ Autism and special needs in schools 



8. What do you never leave the house without?





9. What's your favorite workout?


Pure barre  & yoga! Also, teaching dance at local studios in the Twin Cities



10. Favorite role?


Ilona Ritter



11. What made you get into theater?


Paul Finocchiaro- the best professor. ever.



12. How in the world do you pronounce your last name?


a la Joey Tribbiani from Friends: 
say the word "JewelerJuola=(Jewel-uh). 
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Watch Me in Action

Reno Sweeney Reel

Reno Sweeney Reel

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What They're Saying

"Jaclyn Juola plays Ilona Ritter and is divine [...] Anyone who's seen this woman perform knows that she's the real deal. She's got it.[...] She never drops character and often sneaks in bits that are so subtle (as to not draw attention away from the main action) that if you aren't paying attention, you'll miss it."

"She's brash and funny with great vocal control and a commanding stage presence."

Jaclyn Juola Singer Dancer Actress

Juola, a Minnesotan making her Stage Door debut, shows her capacity to handle lead roles, as she has in the past. She’s also a dynamite singer….(Juola) soon returns –as strong-voiced as ever – when she joins her ensemble to perform a rousing interpretation of Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll.”

Jaclyn Juola Singer Dancer Actress

 "She has an excellent voice [...] she had the pipes that conjure up images of love gained and lost [...]"

Jaclyn Juola Singer Dancer Actress

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Jaclyn Juola Singer Dancer Actress

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